When I Am Soft-Spoken Language Analysis

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Soft-spoken, tamed, and reserved would be words used to describe my style of speaking and writing. Yet at time my writing and speaking can be sarcastic, blunt, and realistic. It all depends are who my audience is and what point I am trying to get across. If I am with my fiends I am more blunt and sarcastic. While if I am with a new group of people I am more reserved and soft-spoken. This all has to do with how I was raised. I am an only child, which leads me to believe that is why I am soft-spoken and reserved at times. As an only child I was shy and not outgoing at all. I would sit in the background with my best friend, observing. While I did have a few great friends, I was always shy and soft-spoken. This also may be due to my parents. They raised me to wait my turn to talk, and not to raise my voice. While I may not always still follow these guidelines, I am grateful that I was raised this way. The sarcastic, blunt, realistic version of me really blossomed my freshman year of high school. In middle school I became a little bit more outgoing, but nothing compared to the version of me in high school. Freshman year of high school, I made many friends through volleyball and basketball easily. It was in the classroom that I pushed myself. I realized that I can make…show more content…
In subject matter that I am passionate about, I tend to know more information and be more confident when I writing or talking about the matter. For example, I am really passionate about sports and sports related careers. I love to share the information that I know with others who may not know as much. On the other hand, I am not that passionate about politics and the economics. I am not knowledgeable on these subject matters and they do not interest me. When there is a conversation on these subject matters, I usually do not partake. When I am require to write a piece on these topics, I tend to rely more on
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