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A challenge I have had to overcome throughout my life is fitting in. When I was four years old I was adopted from the country called Kazakhstan. I came to America at four years old and I lived with my new mom and dad. Throughout my life I have looked for what I am good at and what I will love to dedicate my life too. But due to not having my real parents there I never really knew who I was. I feel like people find themselves through the guidance of their family, I never had my real family so I found it hard to figure out who I was and what my contribution to this world is. Yes, my new parents are amazing, but there were two people in particular who stood out to me and I aspired to be like them one day. One was my uncle peter, he died three years ago due to brain…show more content…
Whether it be my skiing or my passion for photography I have kept the path straight and I have strayed away from the path every once and awhile but I always come back to complete what I started. I feel like I found my determination and the ability to be flexible and accepting from him. Another person who I have adored throughout my life in America is my grandma. When I came to America she was the person who made me feel like I was at home. She sadly passed away mid October due to weak lungs and many other complications. As I stood in front of her bed in the hospital watching her life slowly slipping away from her hands. I stared into her eyes, remembering all of the things she had done to help me be the person I am today. She was a person who would step up to any challenge no matter how big and would finish it with a smile on her face. From my grandma, I learned how to be patient and persistent. My family I have now isn 't my original family, but I have learned to adapt and transform to my surroundings. The rest of my family has made a huge contribution to who I am today. I am looking at this college because i feel like i have the characteristics to enhance your program and contribute to the everyday

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