When I Came To College Essay

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Before I came to college I had million different ideas running through my head. Would my classes be too difficult? Will my roommate be normal? Will there be enough for me to do? How fast will I make friends? Will it be hard, this huge amazing change? Will I keep in contact with my friends back home and the ones who will be far away? I’ve always been a worrier. I’ve never really imagined what college would be like. I assumed that what I saw in movies and TV shows were accurate. My experiences showed me that I had nothing to worry about. In all honesty, my college experience has been not that far off from my senior year of high school. When I was a senior, I was running around with a To Do List a mile long. I was quite independent because of all of my extra-curriculars. I was barely home and I had to plan my life weeks in advanced. I had superhuman time management skills and organization because I needed to. My friends told me multiple times that they were surprised with the amount of work that I did.…show more content…
In high school had been hanging with the same people for years. Most of us went to the same middle school, and before that many of them knew each other from elementary. We all formed and grew with each other. We learned about ourselves together, I believe this is why we were so close. But in college, everyone is essentially fully formed, with their own ideas, beliefs, morals. This made it both extremely hard and extremely easy to make friends because it was pretty easy to figure out if you liked someone quickly. Most people in college have no qualms about being their true self whether you like it or not. I’m not saying that in college it isn’t worth being around people with different beliefs or values. In fact, its crucial to be exposed to different points of view. However, it is very easy to know if you are going to mesh well with someone or not because most people are not ashamed to say what they
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