When I Grow My Hair Out Analysis

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When I was younger I decided to grow my hair out and donate it. As you may know the minimum hair length in order to donate it is twelve inches. A few months after I had started this goal, My family moved. My hair being longer than what most people would accept I was made fun of and ridiculed at this new school. They didn 't care what I had to say and what the reason was. I struggled on with my goal and often thought of quitting because every day I was made fun of. Through my friends and family though I was able to continue until the hardest part of it all. I went with my mom to her hair stylist and he told me we should cut about half an inch off of my hair so it wouldn 't have split ends. I was on the verge of tears as he cut off my hair knowing I would have to wait that much longer and almost told…show more content…
I have always tried to push myself to be the best I can be. For school, I have taken classes that push me to be the best I can be. For work, I have arranged to stay later than I need to and go in on my days off to help. For soccer, I have trained during the off season and put in many hours to be the player I am today. There are many more examples of how I always try to do my best. I have mentioned over and over the big priesthood encampment and while it was an amazing experience and I felt like I was able to help as one of the stake leaders one of the most important parts to me was our morning scripture study. We were partnered up and one of my two was a not a member of the church. I taught him how to read the scriptures then after even went and got him is own copy. I know that to some one person doesn 't matter that much, but I know that I can change this kids life. Its the little things that matter, sure I got to meet an area seventy and the general young men 's president of the church, but teaching and affecting this kids life means more to me than all of that. It isn 't the big experiences its doing your best in all of the little aspects of life that make the
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