When I Grow Upward Bound Analysis

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Living as a low-class minority, college education is a major problem for me. I was oblivious to the idea of applying to a big university because of my lack of confidence in myself, my education level, and my financial needs. When I started ninth grade, the talk of college increased and people warned us to start preparing for the whole process. I was unaware of the specific requirements for applying to a college. Growing up, the only thing I knew was to study hard, and get good grades. So when I began my high school career, I needed a guide, someone there to advise me through these four years. Joining Upward Bound was one of my proudest achievements because through this program, I have gained life, leadership, and academic skills that I would not have known otherwise. Preparing for the ACT numerous times, having resources to connect with colleges and …show more content…

I was raised in a low class family with a single mother who supports both my brother and I. My family was always afraid/troubled by the idea of not being able to pay for a good education. For that reason, my older brother attended a community college. I assumed I would be following the same path as him because I would not be able to afford a private university. Upward Bound helped me open myself to the idea of attending a big university with the help of finding financial aid. They would help me apply to any prospective scholarships, writing the essay, meeting the requirements, recommendation letter etc. I am very glad to have such a great source to find these great opportunities through.
Upward Bound was one of the greatest factor in choosing my college because of their generous help with keeping my grade up, setting up a criteria for myself, and by helping me find opportunities to pay off my tuition. I am very glad to have such strong advisors backing me up every step of the way, and for understanding my circumstance and guided me through this whole

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