When Is Animal Testing Wrong

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Why is it okay to harm a defenseless, innocent, voiceless little animal? Because in a way it benefits us? When did that ever become okay? It’s not, and it never will be. Animal Testing is proof that humans will do anything to ensure their safety even though it means they have to hurt another. Poor defenseless animals fight for their lives every day to test out products they have no use for. These poor sweet creatures have been taken away their right to live to be caged and mistreated and they can’t do anything but sit there and take it. Day to day, more and more animals are dying at the cruel hands of these scientists. Animal Testing is an act of animal cruelty, because it is inhumane, there are other methods that can be used to avoid harming innocent animals and animals are very different from…show more content…
They are born with a death wish. Poked and prodded, dreadful day to day protocol. Animals aren’t unlimited test dummies. They were put on this earth to live out their lives just as we are and to take that birthright from them is an injustice in itself. There needs to be laws that make animal testing in The US illegal, and maybe that will set an example for the rest of the world that this is morally incorrect and cruel. There should be laws to protect these animals like there are laws to protect us. They deserve the respect and humanity we receive, imagine your own household pet being take from you to be tortured and starved to the point of death, these animals may have never belonged to someone or had a real family but they should be given the right to have one. The test are not always valid and have no reason to be used if there are other methods using actual human cells which are more reliable. These animals have no voice over what’s happening, animal activists and large organizations try every day to give them what they deserve. Stop killing our animals and take a stand against Animal Testing
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