When Is Civil Disobedience Ever Justified Essay

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The thick, heavily construed, complex, confusing polysyllabic words that would never escape the tongues of any ordinary individual, are the rules and laws we find tucked away in libraries filled with dozens upon dozens of volumes. They are what we as a society have deemed morally wrong, and thus must be associated with consequences. These aren’t meaningless books that get locked in library for mere vanity, yet they are the symbolic representation of what we as a society wish to strive for; peace. So when one is asked with the question on whether, “When is civil disobedience is ever justified ?”, the answer is a resounding ‘never’. Civil Disobedience has become the glorified word for criminals, and delinquents to condone their disrespect to society, and criminal activity. Yet in a world where we live, it has become too often synonymous for activism. Simply put breaking the law, no matter reason spurs increased animosity towards the government, and places the entire social system and society in a state of panic. We have laws to tell us right from wrong. Laws reflect the belief of what population as a whole think, should and should not take place within the confines of our state, and are a direct representation of the people who they subordinate. So when an individual decides to break the law in the…show more content…
These activist created change the correct way; through the political system and minds of society, not through brute force and criminal acts. While people like Malcolm X, were able to enlist change through brute force tactics at times, it was also well documented the lives and businesses lost by these methods. The gist, is that civil disobedience just creates more tension in a probably already volatile
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