When Johnson Burned The American Flag

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Majority Opinion-Texas Why would Johnson want to burn something as treasured as our American Flag? The American Flag`s value as a symbol is something that cannot be measured. In Texas, there is a law that states that you cannot burn the American Flag, because it taints the vision of the pride and respect that people see for the flag. So the majority opinion of this court is to uphold the decision of Texas because,” the value of the flag as a symbol cannot be measured,” it could cause riots and hardships, and burning the flag tarnishes its view for the people who cherish the idea of the flag flying high. The American flag is a symbol that every American is proud of, it also represents the ideas of liberty and equality. In the article “Dissent” it states, “If those ideas are worth fighting for – and our history demonstrates that they are – it cannot be true that the flag that uniquely symbolizes their power is not itself worthy of protection from unnecessary desecration.” It comes to show that our flag is our type of “role model” for us to be strong and defend our flag`s symbolic meaning.…show more content…
While the article “Texas v. Johnson (1989)” comments, “burning the flag constitutes a fundamental rejection of the system that protects freedom of speech, and they conclude that such conduct does not merit First Amendment protection.” This comes to show that burning the American Flag could have caused riots and hardships. “Desecrating the an American Flag was a criminal offence in Texas, as it was under federal law and in 48 of the 50 U.S. States.” This quote helps explain why there are so many bad turnouts that could happen because Johnson burned the American
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