When Liberty Dwells There Is My Country Analysis

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Where liberty dwells there is my country”- benjamin franklin in america we all dont relize but america is one of the places with most liberty but would we be able to live without our liberty could liberty stand without virtue. I belive a country can not subsist without liberty nor liberty without virtue because people would choose to leave and search for liberty, also a country cannot be withjout liberty since it would be to busy dealing with problems and disagreements. A country would not subsist without liberty since many would be unhappy and choose to another place to go to. For example in “This is not who we are” by Naomi Shinab it said “ I raised the volume, our car fills with grace.,”(pg )She speaks of how music helps her deal with life. This connects to the…show more content…
It shows how when people reside in a place with no freedom and liberty they act differently than those who do have it. Its as if the ones the dont are always angry and upset without a care for anyone else. After webster reminds the Jury of there freedom the cold people saw the humaine way of things and go decided to let Jabez live. Another reason a country cant be without liberty is because without liberty the country would have to deal with lots of disagreements and problems.An example would be from “The Devil and Daniel” webster would be “Have you forgotten your last netion.(Page ) because the Jury of the Daniel webster was dealing with came from a place with no liberty it made it very difficult fot him and Jabez to win the case. The Jury and judge had no since of liberty causing them to be blind to Justice denying Daniel from saying anything that could make him win. If Daniel's country was run the way like the Jury's then the country would have so many prblems with all the innocent people in jail and
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