When Meds Fail Summary

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"Music therapy is a systematic process of intervention wherein the therapist helps the client to promote health, using musical experiences and the relationships that developed through them as dynamic forces of change (Hodges and Sebald pg 284)”. I watched a youtube video called When Meds Fail: A Case for Music Therapy: Tim Ringgold. The video started off with Tim the music therapist singing a song that he wrote for his daughter. As a Music Therapist Tim knows how important music is for an infant in the whom. “Researcher shows using music during childbirth has a significant drop of perception of pain, anxiety and time itself for mom’s (When Meds Fail).” For infants the auditory system begins and develops as they are still in their mothers. Stated in Hodges and Sebald page 289 it says how “Music has a positive effect on premature infants including lowered heart rate higher oxygen saturation shorter stays in the NICU reduce distressed behaviors and higher caloric intake and weight gain”. Tim also talked about when medication fails doctors prescribe music. He stressed how important music is to a person during and after there life. In his case he wrote a song for his daughter to play during his wife’s pregnancy, labor and as she was entering the after life. He’s daughter had a very rare disease and eventually died but as she…show more content…
Stated on page 286 of Hodges and Sebald text, “It is important to realize that all persons, those with disabilities and those without, have a need for aesthetic experiences, and moments of musical beauty and truth are important ingredients in the healing process”. What was portrayed in the video is acceptable and shows good examples of Music Therapy and medicine. Music Therapy was well represented throughout this video. I feel the media can misrepresent many things but when it came to this video I feel it was demonstrated well and
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