When Mum Won The Luck's-A-Fortch Tricky Quiz Poem Analysis

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In the representation, illumination of facial features are created by all the symbols and images that the person is made up of because it exemplifies the morals and characteristics of the person, but when the drawings and symbols are peeled away, the face is all saliently white, showing how there is no character or depth behind those drawings. This represents how people are now just made of the themes consumerism and materialism because they have no personality and morals anymore and that they are dehumanised and unidentified as a person. This shows the ideas portrayed in the poem as the family that it focuses on always wants more than what they have and how their main goal isn’t their care for their child, but to win money and spend it. The…show more content…
This was shown in the poem with “When Mum won the Luck’s-A-Fortch Tricky Tune Quiz she took him shopping in the good-as-new station-wagon”. The example here shows how as soon as the family wins something, they are already out buying things with the money they won. This is also shown in the representation by the shopping carts and shopping bags above the eye. Ideas reflected in the representation was also the bars on the forehead of the face as it shows how the child is trapped behind so many rules. Dawe shows this symbolism through the quote on the cheek of the face. “WALK. DON’T WALK. TURN LEFT. NO PARKING. WAIT HERE. NO SMOKING.” These instructions are all capitalised and have short sentences showing that they are abrupt signs or commands. This goes to far as to “NO BREATHING” as the instructions intensify. This hyperbole is shown through the prison bars on the forehead as, prison bars are a hyperbole itself as parents don’t actually keep their children behind
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