When My Kids Unplugged Analysis

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With the growing importance of social media in modern life, you see the increase in the popularity of technology across all age groups. Technology gives people a simple and easy way to communicate with others and to gather information. Because social media comes with multiple benefits it is seen only as a positive in modern day. This may not be exactly the case. Through my recent readings, I have found that social media does in fact have significant drawbacks and because of this I feel that people should cut back on their daily routine of technology use and social media. We have these interactions with “friends” over social media, and because we are having these interactions we believe that they are significant interactions. This is not the case. In the article “When my kids unplugged” the author Susan Maushart feels that are meaningful relationships are being substituted for fake ones. Many of these interactions are what can be labeled as “parasocial” connections…show more content…
In “Is Google Making Us Stupid” author Nicholas Carr notes that he finds it difficult to read long passages now. He states “I’d spend hours strolling through long stretches of prose. That’s rarely the case anymore. Now my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages.” After reading this I realized how true it is in my own life. While I used to enjoy reading novels growing up, now with my increased internet and social media usage it is frustrating to even read the short passages for this composition class. The increase in technology and the use of mobile devices allow us to attain instant answers. With this ease of knowledge, we no longer find it necessary to dig into a passage to find answers we can attain with the click of a button. This is how technology has affected our focus, now instead of diving into the analysis passages we find ourselves just skimming the
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