When People Face Prejudice Essay

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Prejudicial people have been around for several years. Prejudice is not just about someone judging the color of your skin, it can also involve your, sex, religion, and what your thoughts and beliefs are. Even after several movements to try and persuade people 's ways of thinking, there is still prejudice people out there today. Even myself, a teenage girl in high school have seen prejudice happen. Growing up as a woman in the United States, I still see women face prejudice. People are still prejudiced against women, it is not as awful as it once was but, it is still there. I have watched them get told they could not do anything or a specific job because "they are not capable". That they did not have the right "skill set" because they were a woman and not a man. Some people are always going to be prejudiced…show more content…
I have even witnessed prejudice in my own family based on someone not liking the color of another person 's skin. I have witness some in my family leave a thanksgiving because they did not like the fact that my cousin was dating a man with a different skin color. This person believes that two people should not be married or even be together if they do not share the same skin color. This person believes this because that is what he was taught from his parents when he grew up and has never seen it differently. Prejudism is a thing that will always happen no matter what. It will never change unless you are being taught different values. Values are something that you have grown up knowing and is something that you have most likely learned from your parents. If you change your values and start seeing people as people and not their color or their gender it would become less of a problem. I believe that Prejudism will never be completely done away with unless people start changing their ways of thinking. Prejudice problems and people will always occur no matter what day in
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