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Professionalism and Simplicity Two years ago, I was thinking that the war between Israel and Palestine was not too old because the situation at this time was so critical and reached the peak. As I remember the name of a child Mohamed El Durrah who was killed, and the whole world stood against Israel in this incident at that time. Actually, this conflict started at 1948 with the desire of a minority group of Jews to gather all their kind in one place. The number of emigrants to Palestine has increased year after year, especially after Hitler's persecution and murder of six million Jews. At first, they were small groups with no power so they showed only their religious intention towards Palestine but after gathering and getting stronger; they…show more content…
Sylvain Estibal, a French reporter and film director, highlighted the problem in a simple film called "When Pigs have Wings," that discusses the whole problem between Israel and Palestine in a comedy way…show more content…
Even the name of the film “when pigs have wings” is a genius title from the director as he wanted to emphasize the fact that although the solution to this problem is simple, it seems impossible to be done as the “pigs” will never have wings. Estibal was very optimistic while thinking about this movie as he mastered the depiction of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a way full of hope and peace and to avoid blood and aggression between the two sides. This is what I meant from the title "Professionalism and simplicity." Estibal emphasized on the importance to increase people's awareness towards this significant issue, that killed thousands of innocent people who could have worked and lived together a peaceful life, and to make them raise their voice and demand the rights of these people who still live there under the poverty threshold and make peace prevail upon

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