When Push Comes To Shove Play Analysis

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The Inner Mechanisms of Loners The central theme of When Push Comes to Shove is internal conflict and how one’s past shapes his or her future. Each member in the story displayed confidence, however this was only a mask to hide the character’s feelings. There is a saying about how a person can be an extroverted introvert, whereby he or she pretends to enjoy going out and talking to others but truly would rather be alone. I believe this idea is consistent with several of the characters in the play (except Pickle and Bucket). The play also demonstrates the idea of appearances versus reality. Lucia is a beautiful put-together woman who dresses with class and style, but she has struggles similar to the other more barbaric characters. The characters…show more content…
The other actors were able to support the character’s state of mind. Whether it was Jake’s shaky voice to show Rutherford’s nervousness or Evan’s twitchy eye and raised voice to display that Hugs has gone crazy, the actors were able to capture their characters’ mindsets. The actors were also very believable in the stage fighting. They looked like they truly wanted to harm one another, which demonstrates their commitment to their characters. My favorite character was Antonini. I believe that Rodney demonstrated many performance skills that allowed the audience to fall in love with his character. First of all, he was able to project very well, which is needed for a character that spends his time on the bluff of Pit Cave. He also stayed in character even when no one was looking, as he sorrowfully stared whenever Hanka would drink or when she had sex with Rutherford. Casey must have connected to a memory from her childhood that led her to despair during the play, as her character had me on the verge of tears. Evan was able to truly act as a crazy man without caring what anyone would think, and this helped develop is character as well. Overall, the actors used many of their talents in order to make the play believable, relate to and interest the
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