When Redd Entered Wonderland Analysis

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In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as immature, conflicted, and crafty. With the childish imagination she has, she loves to use it in immature ways such as when she was watching the inventors parade and she comments “ It’s pretty good, I suppose, but it’d be better if it were furry” (Beddor 21). With Alyss being young and having the powerful imagination she has, she does not use it in the correct manner, such as when she manipulated the invention in the inventors parade. Without the teachings of Bibwit Harte she would not be able to control her active imagination. She soon changes from an immature seven year old to a powerful young girl. After the attack of Redd, her perspective of life changes. When Redd entered Wonderland,…show more content…
As the book goes on Alice starts to transition into ways that she never thought she would have changed into. Alice decided to change into a new Alyss, this following comment is one example of her transitioning. Mrs. Liddell comments to Alice after walking down the stairs, “‘ You’re wearing the dress. The dress she had purchased months before but which Alyss had refused to wear because she feared it would make her more common’”(90). This was a changing point in Alyss’s life, she felt unwanted and as if she was invisible to many people. So she decided to make a big change in her life and change her attitude and lifestyle towards different things. When Alyss was younger she would displease people because of her childish attitude. Later in her life she becomes a mature, smart, attractive young woman. Mrs. Liddell is so pleased with Alyss that she comments “‘you’ve made me so terribly happy Alice’”(200). When Alice was welcomed into the Liddell family, Mrs. Liddell thought that she needed to grow up and become the mature young woman she naturally should be. Then later she becomes the perfect young woman in her mother’s eyes. Some people other than her mother “‘ did not find Mrs. Alice Liddell lacking intelligence. Some perhaps even found her a bit too intelligent”’(95). Alice had stepped into a new chapter in her life when she realized that she was a new and improved Alice, the girl she had been waiting for, for a long
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