When Schooling Meets Policing Summary

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A.) The social problem that the article “When Schooling Meets Policing” is focusing on is the negative issues police officers have on students and their education when police officers are in the school.
B.) The big problem that is emphasized in the article is what police officers are doing to young children when the children misbehave. One issue that is emphasized in the article is when at water balloon fight at a high school went down as a senior prank, eight students were arrested and two dozen police officers came to the campus. Students are being arrested for spit balls, temper tantrums, and other childish things that kids are expected to do at that age. In the past the education system would discipline the students with detention or something similar, but now the police officers are actually arresting students for very small things. Another issue that is emphasized is the discrimination against the colored. The article says where most of the students are black they have the highest percentage in the country to have police officers in the school. One thing I would like to get more information on is what are the positive outcomes of police officers being in the schools? The article
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I understand shootings have happened in the past at schools, but I don’t think having police officers in the school is going to stop someone from shooting someone if they really wanted. It seems to me that the police officers are affecting more things in the school than actually helping. If the police officers are going to stay in schools I think they should only interfere when they are needed, for example when there is violence happening. I think that punishment should be by the schools principle or school board, like it used to be. I cannot seem to understand why I police officer would arrest a four year old child, I feel like they should be smarter than that and should know
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