When She Stood Out Analysis

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One of the things that really stood out to me in this chapter, was the part where the woman had pushed his son. Coates said that if he had told the woman that when she pushed his son she was acting according to the tradition that black bodies are lesser. She would have replied with the “I am not racist” statement. I can remember the numerous times that I have heard that statement from different people. This statement always seems to be made by people who are blinded by the truth in our society, or are trying to justify their wrongs with this statement. Following this faultily used statement. Another statement that stood out was when he mentions his son’s mother living in close proximity to the dreamers. Coates says, “Perhaps it was because the people who thought they were white told her she was smart and followed this up by telling her she was not really black.” This is another phrase used to justify biased feelings. Consequently, it makes the person…show more content…
I have also heard men from my own race say these type of things to women. It really upsets me that they would belittle our color and that they have set a standard for what should be considered pretty in their own group of people. Why can’t we just be considered and referred to as “beautiful women” not categorized by what is accepted in our own race. When I hear these kinds of remarks it makes me feel like our own people are setting us back. We shouldn’t depreciate our own people. Yet, I can’t help but to think that I should empathize with them. Because society has told us from the time we are born what we should consider to be beautiful. I was raised to appreciate my natural beauty. I am a strong believer in empowering all women to feel beautiful with what they were given. We shouldn’t have to be categorized and have standards set for what beauty is supposed to
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