When Slavery Was Called Freedom

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The institution of using others, such as, the Native Americans and the Africans, as a working force for mostly agricultural labor, is commonly known as slavery. These people working like livestock in the fields were branded as slaves. Slavery itself dates back since the era of the Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. From then on it became part of civilization. It dehumanized numerous of people, creating them into basic merchandise. The emotion of caring was given little to none. They were used until they were seen as useless, as if they had expiring dates stamped on them. Various slave owners saw slavery as not only a beneficial empire, as well as, a religious factor of society. On the contrary, in today’s society slavery is morally wrong…show more content…
It left husbands without wives, children without parents, and worst of all, a community without knowledge on how to live with rights and the feel of hope and freedom. Slave owners didn’t see slaves as human beings, but, as an easy target to acquire income. Most would see themselves on a higher level than their slaves, as if God gave them that position. The slaves would work endlessly, given little food and shelter, but slave owners, also known as masters, would justify this cruelty with the use of religion, such as, the Christian religion. For example, in the novel, “When Slavery Was Called Freedom: Evangelicalism, Proslavery, And the Causes of the Civil War,” by John Patrick Daly, it identified that the “Bible provided a perfect weapon for exposing abolitionist pretenses and winning allies for the South”. In other words, slavery was justified by the use of the Christian bible to have support from others before the Civil War period. However, it was still seen as an unpleasant enterprise. Non-slave owners that went against slavery even saw it as the most unmoral act humans ever did. It was seen this way “because it obliterates an individual 's self-governance or sovereignty,” (Machan, 1). Slavery lets an individual’s liberty and freedom be owned by another. Having a price on another human being goes against what is lawful and morally…show more content…
With the rise of labor needed in plantations and other agricultural work, it resulted in the use of slaves. This increased many peoples’ income, only if they owned any land for agricultural use. The more money people made the more they did not question the morality of slavery. For example, many wealthy slave owners in the southern United States owned numerous amounts of slaves, they would justify slavery by stating how the use of slaves helped the United States rise as a country, in a financial way. On the contrary, wealth doesn’t justify the cruelty that the slaves had faced over the years. It only added up to how wrong the institution of slavery
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