When Sports Fishing Is Bad

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Although, many people enjoy sport fishing it is immensely cruel to the fishes health both mentally and physically. Some people also agree that catching fish to eat them is OK to do, but I disagree. First and foremost, most fish that get caught end up dying. Fish have nerves which means they can feel pain. When you catch a fish its traumatizes it. When a fish is pulled out the water, it can cause their protective scales to fall off, so therefore they would be vulnerable to deadly diseases. Losing their scales can cause a dangerous amount of lactic-acid build-up in their muscles, oxygen depletion, and damage to their mouth and fins. In addition, the fish population has declined a tremendous amount in the past decade due to sport fishing. When people spend money on their “hobby” they can squander over $100. This “hobby” is the reason why about 25% of the fish population has dematerialized. Researchers at Oklahoma Department of Wild Life Conversation that has many as 43 percent of the catch and released fish died in up to six days.…show more content…
Sports fishing is a superior time to bond with your friend and family. Sports fishing would be excellent for the economy. This would help keep adolescents off the street and on the right path to success. In conclusion, sports fishing injures the animals. Sports fishing can use up a great ideal of money. This “hobby” can also cause trauma and pain to the

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