When The Drum Is Beating Analysis

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When the Drum is Beating is a movie about the people of Haiti, relating to the people, culture, background and music of Haiti. I learned a lot about the culture, music, and people of Haiti, but also the background and the past of the country, which I liked. I think that this film really encompassed all aspects of Haiti, such as the culture, music, people, and background by showing people that lived in Haiti as well as tying in their musical backgrounds. When the Drum is Beating was made specifically about the Septen music group. The film goes into detail about this particular group and how important they are not only now, but many years ago. This is how the film talks about the background of Haiti because it showed old clips and pictures of Haiti in the past and how the Septen has changed so much over the years. The original members of the group even speak now in the film, which I thought was really neat. I think that this film was made to inform people about Haiti and what the music is like there. I think it was written for people that do not live in Haiti for us to get an inside look about the culture that is there. The film starts out by introducing the Septen music group and the people that were in it are shown today. They speak about what it used to be like and then the film goes into detail about what Haiti is like and why things developed the way that they did, such as slavery and poverty. These people resorted to music because of…show more content…
I had never heard of a band before that had that many people, so I found that to be a significant point to the film. I really liked how many of these men were featured in the film now and were able to share their own ideas today, not just about information from another source. I really liked how this made it more of a primary source, rather than someone else telling about the culture and music
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