When The King Took Flight Analysis

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The reasons and the consequences of the French revolution has been one of the topics which most of historians, philosophers and analysts have tended to maintain a deep understanding. The very 21st century book on French revolution would be Tackett’ book when the King Took Flight. Tackett as one the America’s best historian most of his works tends to concentrate on French Revolution as his specific area. In 2003, he published his book of When the King Took Flight, which becomes one of the most read and reviewed books around the world. At the same time, his writing (he is the author of ten books) have always described as well written and well analyzed. The tittle of Tackett’ book when the King Took Flight in itself supposed to maintain political and chronological discussions. His book tends to underline…show more content…
Tackett in the middle of his book tends to observe the fact that the main reasons behind the King’ decision to flee to the Varennes was because the King was not satisfied about his current position in the country. After the 1789 Revolution and the creation of the constitution, the King’s power was limited and distributed. The King had the feeling that he has already lost his power to National Assembly and his life is in dangerous and he is not safe. As the result of creating a constitutional monarchy, the King was required to share his power. As Tackett in his book states that “the electoral system, patched together by the royal government in 1789, had brought in elites of local, regional, and national stature from every part of the kingdom.”(p. 119) In order to bring back his power, the King planned leaves the country and asks help for foreign army to regain his power and launch a counterrevolutionary against the new republic. However, he could not be successful in maintaining his
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