When The Levees Broke Movie Analysis

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When the Levees Broke by Spike Lee is a documentary based on the remembrance of hurricane Katrina that sabotaged the victims mainly in New Orleans, Gulf State of Louisiana; and other US states including Mississippi; Alabama and Florida. This documentary briefly summarizes on a fight or flight struggle of many citizens in New Orleans had to challenge in their lives.

To start off, in the beginning of the documentary the mayor highly suggested the citizens evacuate their home country. Some residents were in denial and refused to leave their home country while others decided to leave because they wanted to survive and protect their family. Some of the citizens were prideful and strong about their city so they were in denial of evacuating. Even though they went through several harsh times with the biggest disaster they were able to overcome their fears and were able to stand
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You have to worry about a country that can look at all of that and still not see this guy for who he is. I know I’m going to get mail, I know I’m going to get ostracized, but you gotta say that because I’m worried about the country. When you look at an organization like FEMA that was passing the buck about how to just bring in normal stuff, water and food. How hard could that be? I still haven’t heard any answers that convince me that it couldn’t have been done differently” (RCP,2006, Crimes in New Orleans Section). Terrance made a really good point supporting the needs of others and emphasized the idea of how the government made a lot of mistakes of not risking their chances to help out others who are in need. In the documentary, the government represented himself as a powerless and useless soul who had no authority to set a safe and protection policy for the citizens of new

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