When The Wasps Drowned Character Analysis

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In this controlled assessment I will explore the ways sympathy for and/or dislike of a character is created in a text or texts I have studied. The characters I will discuss are Mrs Rutter and Kerry from the story The Darkness Out There, also I will talk about Eveline from the story about When The Wasps Drowned. Eveline is said to be eldest from her siblings so she is in charge of them and she makes sure that they do what she says. In the story it made the reader have sympathy for Eveline because all Eveline does is look after siblings, while her mum is at work all day and she takes them out to the park and lets them play on the swings and on other days she would lie down in the garden with them and absorb the heat. In line 35, “Mum was out all day. She’s left us to our own devices. Sometimes I’d take them out”. This implied that she’d often watch Tyler and Therese look for wasps in the grass and she would baby sit them all day until the mum comes back from work. Also, this made the reader feel sympathy for Eveline because she is just a teenager and her mum leaves the children with Eveline so she looks after them, but Eveline herself is a young girl and…show more content…
Even when the police questioned her, she showed no emotion or irony. In line 121, “He caught my glance and smiled. I didn’t smile back”. This showed the reader that Eveline did not react and she did not want to show her emotions so she ignored the police man and after the police stopped questioning her she closed the door. Eveline was nervous when the police was questioning her because she had the ring on her finger but after the police left Eveline carried on as normal and pretended nothing had happen. “I turned, and we stepped back out into the sunlight of the garden.” This showed the reader that Eveline did not care she just took her siblings out again back into the garden and played with
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