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When I was a kid, I loved Bambi, right up to the point where his mother was brutally murdered by a depraved hunter in a wanton act of cruelty. Well, that 's what the movie portrays.
I can 't actually judge hunters who kill for meat, since I 'm a carnivore myself, but those who kill for sport should be hunted (not to the death, but made extremely uncomfortable) on live television for my viewing pleasure.

The elements of the film that I enjoyed in my younger years are the ones I still consider appealing:
*When Bambi learns to walk
*The activity of the different animals fleeing the rain.
*When Bambi meets Thumper and Flower.
*When Thumper tells Bambi to eat the flower parts of the plant and his mother scolds him.
*When Bambi meets Faline.
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*Bambi on the ice.

Walt Disney believed he changed an entire generation 's perception on the sport of hunting. I know it affected my sense of animals as living creatures with a love of play, and feelings. Of course, their awareness of themselves and others aren 't the ones portrayed in the movie, but they still feel love, contentment and
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