When Tus Kills Muctius Analysis

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The article "Then let no man but I/Do execution on my flesh and blood" point outs the law of Rome authorizes father 's power over his children that mainly cause the death of Mutius, Lavinia, and the threatened killing of Tamora and Aaron 's baby. Emily Detmer-Goebel says, "When Titus kills Mutius, he is not only demonstrating his own loyalty towards Rome, he is also enacting the ancient Roman right of the father to 'give or take life ' from a rebellious child", which I disagree with. I think in the death of Mutius, Titus does not play a role of father, instead he is the man of Emperor who has the duty to protect Emperor 's dignity. Without his duty, Titus cannot take away his son 's life by his own willingness. Titus is a hero in Roman 's
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