When Was Frederick Douglass An Abolitionist

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Frederick Douglass was one of the greatest abolitionists that ever lived. Not only was he an abolitionist, but also a social reformer, orator, writer, and a statesman. Throughout all of his achievements Frederick Douglass was also a slave. Throughout all the history about slavery, I’m here to tell you that slavery is wrong and it should be ended. One reason why we should end slavery is because of human rights. Human rights is something that person is entitled to it simply because their a human. If we breathe the same air, shed the same blood, and also have the same bones inside, we are no different from each other. Everyone should have human rights because they are humans and not property. The first slaves were brought to America in 1619. Back then slaves were the ones to create crops as tobacco. Even though they did help the white folks to grow tobacco they still wasn't getting as much respect as whites did. So that means that he or she wasn't equal just like the white man and woman because of their skin. Not just that but they are also being forced to work.…show more content…
Just because the white slave holders can trade them any time they want to and often be whipped when questioning . As we leave out that people have human rights and to not be treated like animals. Another thing we leave out is people are born in this world learning how adapt. As kids some are all accepting and to which we all did not judge at that age. As you grew up decisions would make you treat things different just on how it will affect people around you. Moreover, it doesnt give some people a good justification on why they treat other things difference for and unnecessary
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