When We Collided Analysis

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Jk Rowling once said “My depression” was characterized by numbness a coldness and an inability to believe you feel happy again all of the color drained out of life. In the quotation Jk Rowling is explaining that depression is not a stage, it is a curse that sometime people can’t escape it as said in the quote. Emery Lords When We Collided reveals that depression from the past leads to love or happiness, as shown through the conflict between ViVi and her mother and the conflict of Jonah and his father.
In the novel When We Collided written by Emery Lord depression or hurt from the past leads to love or happiness shown through the symbolism of Jonah and ViVi relationship. To give an example, when ViVi got home from work she stops and think, “‘When I met Jonah Daniels yesterday, there was a magic shift in trajectory”.When Vivian met Jonah she started to come out from her hole.Vivi meeting Jonah is making her happy ; the word trajectory means curve. So
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As an example, when Jonah was sorting the bills he thought, “I expect my dad to walk in at any moment and ground me until the apocalypse. He won 't, of course, and that would make everything worse”. This shows was missing his dad but that saying how the past will tear up the present. This shows that, wanting someone to come back might mess up the life you built. Another example is that, when Jonah was opening the new restaurant he thought, “This whole night, I’ve felt close to my dad. It aches -- but somehow eases the pain, too.”Jonah can still be close to his dad but still life his new life. Jonah was hurt from his dad 's death in the past but now he accepting it and now he loves his new life he is happy. In conclusion of the conflict between Jonah and his dad, you can be hurt by the past but as soon as you let it go, the soon you will be
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