When We Kill When Essay

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Out of the quotes listed, I found one rather intriguing and agreeable. A quote by Herman Hess states, “We kill when we close our eyes to poverty, to affliction, or infamy. We kill when, because it is easier...we approve of atrophied social, political, educational, and religious institutions, instead of resolutely combating them.”. I find this to be true in today’s society. People chose to look away and follow the crowd rather than to feel like they are obligated to take action, even though they encourage others to take action. Everyone has had that moment in school where they are picking a partner for a discussion or project, and there is always that one person that nobody likes. Most classmates would try to avoid any eye contact whatsoever.…show more content…
We look on the television filled with reality shows and political news. It is almost a distraction from resolving serious issues like world hunger, poverty, clean water and the homeless. It is like Herman Hess says that because of looking away, we are killing those that need our help. Doing nothing is almost as bad as hurting the person yourself. During World War II nobody said anything when they took the Jews because they were not a Jew. Then they started taking other people, and they didn’t say anything because it wasn’t them. Soon there would be nobody left all because we decided to look away and pretend that we did not see anything even though we knew that what was happening was wrong. This is one of the main messages of the short story, “A Kind of Murder”. The murder of Mr. Warren is not physical, and the main character, who is the narrator, of the story tells of how he is responsible for Mr. Warren’s “death”. The moment of death for Mr. Warren, was the last time the school boys teased him. Mr. Warren looked pleadingly at the main character, Pentecost, for help because he has stood up for Mr. Warren before. Pentecost decided to look away rather than to resolve the issue once and for
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