Summary Of Raymond Carver's Story 'What We Talked About Love'

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Mel McGinnis was one of the main character of Raymond Carver 's story entitled, What We Talk About When We Talked About Love. Mel is a cardiologist in this story, a cardiologist is a doctor known to specialized in cases of heart problems or ailments. The story is about two couples in which they have different definition of what love is. It is a cliché that Mel, as a cardiologist who supposed to be an expert regarding heart doesn 't know or understand what love is. In my psychological point of view, Mel is consistent on having a diagnosis of bipolar manic disorder. Bipolar manic disorder is a serious mood disorder in which episodes of both depression and mania (excessive euphoria) occur. Depression and being manic is in the opposite poles, depression…show more content…
Mel has some highs and lows in the story which can be related to this disorder. Mel has bipolar manic disorder because he is experiencing irritability, depression, and aggression which is consistent for a person who has bipolar manic disorder especially if high and low moods are alternating. As a doctor, they have different cases and different patients each day that has different chief complaints and different diagnosis. Since Mel is cardiologist, he mostly deals with patients that has heart problems. In Carver 's story, What We Talk About When We Talked About Love, he gave a scenario in which the two couples were drinking gin and talking on what is the definition of love. Mel was telling a story on how he used to think that her first wife was her life, but now he hated her guts. As for Terri, Mel 's second wife, she was telling a story about her previous husband who is abusive and hurts her, but she still thinks that he was able to do those things because of his love for her. As they reminisce about their previous romances and relationships, Mel interrupted the conversation when he said that if something happens to him or her wife, they will just grief for a while and then the surviving person will find someone else to
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