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Songs could be the new era of poems, but poems are more in depth of emotion while a song seems to not fully connect with the term they are not deeply felt to the heart. The poem “Blessings” by Jay Parini is more poetic and artistic than the song “When we were young” by Adele on how the poem has more poetic devices than the song, the poem also has Synecdoche, imagery, and enjambment in which the song does not have. The poem “Blessings” by Jay Parini is more artistic along poetic devices than the song “When we were young” y Adele. The poem uses around 6 different poetic devices including Synecdoche and Imagery. The poem uses Imagery to make their summer memories more visual for the reader as if they were there. The poem uses Synecdoche, which…show more content…
The song writes about remembering memories of a significant other and coming to share those memories again. “This reminds me, Of when we were young Let me photograph you in this light In case it is the last time” (Adele). Adele is reminded of their past together while in the poem Parini is explaining her memories will become blessings to them. While there are some differences between their meaning of memories and love. Adele goes off of the past while Parini goes off of making memories. Parini believes that the memories of their loved ones like the grandma and lover will become blessings later in life. Both songs are similar and…show more content…
”lifting of our bodies into whiffs of cloud, all sleep-warm pillows in the break of dawn” (Parini 27-28). Adele has more repetition. “When we were young… When we were young… “ (Adele). There for poetry is more artistic than a song. A song is just repetition over and over while a poem would often at times be free verse and near to the heart. “Poetry closer in intent, it seems to me, to this buried stream takes as its purview what is deeply felt” (Alexander 2). While a poem and song have their own individual artistic views they have one thing in common. Both rely not on visual but sound, with the sounds in the word or words themselves. “Note that with the recent trend toward the performance of poetry in slams and rap, both directed more to the ear than the eye, rhyme becomes an important element, since both are directed to the ear rather than the eye” (Lyric Writing vs. Poetry 1). So while they are poetic poems are just more important. Poetry and music, both share similarities, but it happens to be that the poem “Blessings” is more poetic than the song “when we were young”. They are different based off of poetic devices, such as Enjambment. Poetry has less repetition than a song would and they are most likely free verse. The Poem “Blessings” has a deeper meaning than just its memories compared to the song “when we were young”. Poems and songs have equal bounds together, but there will always be poems

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