When Work Disappear Lesson Essay

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In the book, When Work Disappears, William Julius Wilson focuses on how joblessness and poverty are caused within the urban area or society. Wilson concentrates not only on poverty or joblessness, but he also focuses on reasons why jobs are disappearing. Joblessness or urban joblessness would be considered one of the main focuses of this book. Wilson describes it as being one of many major problems that is often ignored. Wilson focuses on poverty within the city of Chicago, such as the inner-city ghettos. Not only did he focus on the city of Chicago, but he also focused on other cities with similar situations. Within the book, Wilson provides the audience with different reasons as to why there is poverty and joblessness within the urban area. As mentioned earlier, Wilson main purpose for writing this book was to inform the reader about one of the major problems, which was the disappearance of jobs. Wilson begins the book with an introduction on the causes of the disappearance of work.…show more content…
This type of audience would be interested in learning about the causes that contributed to the disappearance of work within the inner-city neighborhoods. A similar book that could be compared to this particular book would be “American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass”. It discusses the ghetto, and how it was created, but it also discusses the problems within the ghetto, and the problems that those particular problems created. This book can also be used as a good source of research. If this book was to be recommended to anyone it would be someone who is studying unemployment, and the causes of unemployment. Not only would that person be interested in unemployment, but the affects it has on the black community. By reading this book, it would not only make the readers’ knowledge stronger, but it will also give them an idea of how joblessness had an effect on inner-city
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