When Worlds Collide Analysis

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The meaning of “When Worlds Collide” is still relevant in our world today with the mixing of many different cultures in our society. However, this all began hundreds of years ago when the French, Spanish, and English all decided to come to the “New World”. They all had a goal in mind such as claiming more land, finding different trade routes, spreading their religion, and improving their economies. Their interactions with the Indians and each other have shaped America into what we know it as today. Columbus was one of the first fearless men who wanted to explore. His main goal was to find a different route to the Indies for trading. In this process, he took land from natives and gave it to Spain. Eventually, he thought he had finally made it to Asia, but he was actually in the Caribbean. He believed that he had made it to the Asia until the day he died. In this “New World” that Columbus discovered, he found lots of gold and quickly got gold fever. To help him in his search of gold, he recruited the help of the Tainos, the natives who lived there. Columbus ended up being very cruel to them and eventually their entire tribe was wiped out thanks to the European’s disease and cruelty. The Spanish also colonized what is present day Florida. Here, the Spanish tried to convert the natives to Christianity. They were very resistant…show more content…
The French, English, Spanish, and Native Americans all collided with each other when the New World was discovered. The biggest reasons for colonizing the New World were religion, nationalist pride, and money. The English, French, and the Spanish all had very different but very similar interactions with the Natives. Most of the new settlers were very cruel to the Natives but some used them to their advantage. Its truly a shame that the Indians were treated so poorly but the discovery of the New World and the mixing of their cultures have shaped America into what it is
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