When Zachary Came To Town Character Analysis

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Kylie O’Toole Reading Response #2 10/21/17 Most people are separated by their differences, however, everyone eventually realizes that they aren’t all that different. In the beginning of the novel When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, the protagonist, Toby and a body named Zachary, a six hundred pound boy who just moved to Toby’s town, are not big fans of each other. Toby and Zachary cannot seem to find anything in common, and they disagree on just about everything. However, this was until they discovered that their differences were actually what brought them closer, and they had more similarities than they had thought. Kimberly Willis Holt shows how Toby and Zachary have evolved as characters by learning from their past mistakes and…show more content…
Before beginning to evolve as a character, and accept the people in Antler for who they are, Zachary is rude to everyone and not friendly. “Miss Myrtie Mae steps forward, lifting her camera. ‘Mind if I take a few pictures?’ ‘Yes, I do,’ the fat kid says,” (Holt 14). This reveals how before Zachary begins to evolve as a character, he is unfriendly. Additionally, on page 135, Holt writes about Zachary encountering Cal’s older sister, Kate. Cal and Zachary originally think that Zachary is going to be rude when Kate offers her hand to him, but Zachary surprises them by smiling and shaking Kate’s hand. This displays how Zachary was starting to evolve as a character, and accept others even if they are a little different from him. Zachary starts giving people a chance. Furthermore, on page 217, Holt writes, “Zachary’, the sheriff says, ‘it appears you made some friends while you were in Antler,’ Zachary looks at us-Ferri, Kate, Cal, and me-and smiles.” This shows how Zachary has evolved as a character, by accepting others for who they are, and giving people chance, even if he thinks they are different from
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