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Who am I, where am I going, and how do I plan to get there? That is a really good question. To begin with, I am the only child of Martha Ramirez and Rosario Ramirez. I come from a family where not a lot have finished school, but are grateful for what they do have. Throughout my life I have learned to be grateful for everything that I have, to be someone in life, and to follow your heart no matter the situation. First of all, who am I? I come from a family who are hardworking and achievers. Most of my family own businesses or land that they play a big role in. I am motivated and inspired to follow their pathway and do better, which is why I am always giving it my best to be successful. For example, my father was close to finishing school to become a doctor. My father did not have much money to finish school. My father inspired me to further my education and to have good health if I do. I do like helping and listening to others when they need to vent only because I know how it feels to be alone with nobody to pour your heart out. One of my so-called friends who betrayed me was crying and thought of committing suicide at the time. Even though she betrayed me I know she did not trust many and had nobody to vent to that I was still there to…show more content…
I am currently in the process of figuring out what is next in my life. I do know I want to provide a successful future while I am able to. Ten years from now I would like to have already graduated college and made up my mind whether I want to go into medicine or not. If I chose not to get into medicine I would like to have married my beloved boyfriend that we are currently 4 years in. I would like to have form a family also; at least two or three kids to raise. If I do choose to have went into medicine I would likely not be able to have kids since we would not be able to enjoy raising a kid. I would like to have also have gotten past being shy and be more open, and more
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