Where Are You Going Summary

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Where are you going where have you been written by Joyce Carol Oates. Depicts a girl named Connie who spends time with her friends at night at a plaza. Instead of shopping Connie and her friends decide to go across the highway towards a restaurant where older kids would gather. While at the restaurant Connie meets a boy and decides to stay at the restaurant to eat with him while her friends go to the movies. While Connie is returning back to the plaza to meet her friends she glances to the side to see a guy with black shaggy hair. He makes a few comments saying that he is going to get her. On a Sunday Connie decides to stay home while her family goes to a barbeque. While she listens to music on the radio she hears a car pulling up the driveway. She encounters the guy with black shaggy hair introducing himself as Arnold Friend. Throughout the conversation with Arnold, Connie starts to notice a few things about him and his features. This article is giving insight to individuals of putting themselves in Connie’s place and how to handle situations like hers. There are two main characters. Connie is a typical teenage…show more content…
In the article Where are you going, as pure realism written by Coulthard states, “Oates closely modeled her story on Charles Schmid’s murder of Alleen Rowe in the fall of 1965, just prior to the 1966 publication of ‘Where Are You Going?’ in Epoch” (Coulthard 505). Oates made the story sound more appealing to catch the interest of a younger audience to warn them to be more cautious and to keep the story in mind. Coulthard states, “Like all good stories, “Where are you going?” resonates in the mind, but it’s style is realistic not allegorical” (Coulthard 506). People who enjoyed the story or found it interesting will look into it more. Researching and finding more to the story, such as Coulthard finding the similarities between where are you going and the murder that took place in the late
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