Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Arnold Friend Theme

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In the short story, Where Are you Going, Where Have You Been,” by Joyce Oates, Arnold Friend, a disgusting pediphile character, tries to seduce a teenager named Connie to come on a car ride with him. Arnold was peculiar he hung around teen spots even though he was years out of high school and he drove around in his gold colored car. Arnold is a walking imposter he was an idol to many teens, but in reality he was pediphile looking for his next victim. Throughout the short story Arnold acted fake by every standard he would fool people into thinking he was a great person, but in reality it was a disguise. People need to realize that some people may use them and disguise themselves to achieve their personal desires. Some people may disguise themselves to hide things about them, and others disguise themselves to hide their bad intentions. When Arnold goes to Connie’s house to ask her her if she wants to go for a car ride she played hard to get with him, even…show more content…
Arnold Friend tries to hypnotize people by the language he uses on them. For example, Arnold tries to get Connie in his car willingly when he says, “Dontcha wanta see what’s on the car? Don’tcha wanta go for a ride,” by saying this he is distracting her attraction because she is now more interested in the car than in him (Oates 3). Arnold continues to try to get Connie in the car when he puts on Bobby King, but Connie doesn’t go for the bait and she doesn't want to go with Arnold. When Arnold realizes his plan is failing he threatens Connie by saying, “ This is how it is honey: you come out and we’ll drive away, have a nice ride. But if you don’t come out we’re gonna wait till your people come home and then they’re all going to get it,” Connie then ended up going with Arnold because she didn't want her family to be hurt by him (Oates 8). Arnold used his language and threats to get into Connie's head and make her do what he
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