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Smooth Talk VS. “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” In the short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”, the main character, Connie, is faced with life altering decisions. The story is based in the suburbs during the 1960’s, when the normal American society was more traditional than how it is today. Connie’s personality type may be seen as scandalous, which makes her teenage years miserable because of how strict society had been. Due to Connie’s personality type, she is faced with risky decisions every day; for example, Connie crossed a busy highway only to hang out with older teenagers at a restaurant, where she met boys she liked and one boy, named Arnold Friend, who she did not like (Oates 325). Arnold Friend became Connie’s psychopathic stalker who seemed to know everything about her. To top it all off, Connie’s mother was jealous of her good looks, and would compare her to her older successful sister, June (Oates 323). “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is an educational read because of how many audiences it can easily relate to and affect. Not only does the short story provide intellect on the dangers of how rapists may go about their routines, but it also shows the reader the life of a broken…show more content…
One similarity between the film and short story is that Arnold Friend’s personality, looks, and intentions remain the same (Oates 327). If Friend’s character did not remain the same throughout both short story and film, the lesson that one should always have a plan in order prior to unexpected visits by strangers would have not been taught. The importance of Arnold Friend remaining the same helps raise awareness about rapists and how some may think. Joyce Chopra, the director of Smooth Talk, neatly portrayed Friend as a deceitful psychopath that was willing to do anything in order to share a car ride with

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