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Thesis Children’s inactivity is impacted by technology, parental influence, society and food. In today’s society, children are bounded by all the outcomes that are provided in this world such as electronics, unhealthy foods, and negative parental influence. Children are resilient to stay indoors rather than exploring the nature world. In general, some children don’t like sightseeing the wild adventure in nature. In Where do Children Play by Deborah Banks, she emphasized how she took her students on nature exploration. During the tour, all the students demonstrated their fear of nature with a cautious approach to squirrels, the lazy buzzing of wasps and consequently releasing a stream of screams that vibrated over the entire mountain (Banks, 2003). Bank emphasized how the negative outcomes are one of the major concepts due to children’s inactivity. In Where do Children Play, Bank elaborated her message about the positive and negative outcomes of children’s inactivity in her story. Body paragraph 1 Technology has impacted children’s inactivity and motivation in…show more content…
If children provide their bodies with the right nutrients there health will be beneficial for their lives in the future. If they provide their body with unhealthy food such as cookies, chips, soda, cake or much more they would end up with serious health problems. In general, some health problems that lead to death or serious consequences are obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease or colon cancer. Most likely, if the child is a couch potato they would be less active, procrastinate and become overweight. For example, when watching TV you consume a lot of unhealthy food because you’re mindlessly hypnotized from watching too much TV. In the same way, the child will follow these steps and become overweight by consuming too much unhealthy food. Finally, food is a huge outcome that highlights children’s inactivity these

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