Where Have All The Smiles Gone Analysis

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Where have all the smiles gone?
By: Vrinda Taparia (Pursuing PG Diploma in Corporate Communication and Event Management)
In a world where one struggles to remain happy, somehow it gets tougher every day. Today, if I were to see these social media sites used by the people and the pictures shared by them, it is disheartening to see what these sites have become. The old memories that every adult holds, a major part of those memories are pictures. Amidst those silly and goofy pictures, is the world that just got taken away by the harsh reality called life. It's ironical that how on the one hand, they bring a smile to your face and on the other hand, they don't shy away from making you feel absolutely disgusted for your existence. Like every other aspect of life, pictures have a plus point as well as a minus point to them.
It is rather interesting to see the pretension that this
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A camera that was meant to capture the blissful moments has somehow turned into a flaunting piece of machinery. What's the world come to? Is this the only thing that's left? "Pout", the replacement of ‘cheese' seems to be the turning point in the game. To be fair, it does look like you're about to be kissed. And who doesn't want that? But are you sure ten years down the lane, you'll get teary eyed when you see those pouty pictures? I sincerely doubt that. In the world where trends change in the blink of an eye but once set, they remain eternal in the pages of history. Instagram, an established name in the social media, open the tab ‘explore' and honestly, your world ends. Period. Although it is kind of funny to witness the constant battle between the inner beauty and the outer beauty. From fairness creams to unbelievable makeup transformations, it does not take rocket science for a person to figure out how big brands in a way encourage the lust for white skin and brutally establish a market giving a slap in the face of the ordinary

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