Summary Of Cathy Crimmin's 'Where Is My Mango Princess'

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Where Is My Mango Princess? Cathy Crimmin’s “Where is the Mango Princess” is her personal journey with her husband’s, Alan’s, brain injury. Alan was hit on the head by a speedboat, while the family was on a holiday with some of their friends in Canada. He suffered from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Alan was rushed to the hospital in Kingston via a helicopter. While taking him to the hospital Alan was seizing. Alan and his family spend some days at the hospital while Alan was in coma. After Alan recovered from coma, family shifted to the hospital in Philadelphia. His recovery took his wife and child thru a road of so many ups and downs of emotions. “Where is the Mango Princess?” details emotional and frustrations of a caregiver to their patient recovering from traumatic brain injury. In the book Crimmins uses some humor and some embarrassed moments of her life to engage the reader into her suddenly chaotic life of caring for her husband. This book also focuses on informing the reader about Traumatic brain injury and the effects of severe brain damage to a patient.

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Alan’s therapist, Crystal Mangir, also said “If Alan were in a wheelchair, or had a cast on his leg, people would understand that something happened… but no one can see a broken brain” (Crimmins 199). This mentality would show why after Alan regained his ability of movement, the insurance companies decided not to pay for Alan’s rehab therapy since he was no longer in need of therapy. After a traumatic brain injury it is very important to relearn the daily bases activity and in most cases physical therapy is the final step to complete physical recovery. This misunderstanding of brain injury was what Cathy Crimmins hoped to shed light on throughout this

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