Where Is Your Mother Analysis

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“Love you, mama, Miss you”(Aviv, 2), the words of three year old Adam to his mother who was placed with the Orange County Social Services. In Rachel Aviv’s article “ Where is your mother” thirty-nine year old, single working parent Niveen Ismail, “begged” them to return her son after she left Adam unsupervised at home whilst she was out. Niveen mentions that on this tragic day that, “It was mechanical-I wasn’t thinking anymore...I was just trying to survive” (Aviv, 6) she was overworked, undernourished and had just reached a “breaking point”. Months have gone by, the Egyptian mother complied to her case plan trying to learn to “Parent American style”, attending parenting classes in high hopes of Adam being returned to her. Despite her attempts, Adam was placed with a foster family (of which Niveen only found out a couple days later) who was willing to adopt him if “Niveen’s rights were terminated”(Aviv 6).…show more content…
After nine months, Niveen took the stand she admits to the state that she did put work above Adam’s safety only because, she had reached a point of desperation, and continues to answer the County lawyer what she thought Adam needs for his development. With regards to the commissioner Gary Vincent states, that Niveen was not yet suitable for custody; “ Your problem is you see but you don’t see clearly. You understand but you don’t really understand in depth”(Aviv, 10). For that reason Niveen started seeing two Psychologist assigned by the county, after being examined both psychologist reports had negative connotations, as well as the social workers that was monitoring Niveen’s attempts of complying and proving to the county that she was suitable for
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