Where It Began Analysis

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The book Where It Began written by Ann Redisch Sampler, starts to create a vivid image in your mind that portrays a 17 year old, Gabby Gardiner retaining a complete make over (physically and mentally) before attending her junior year at Winston. Gabby then gets the bad-boy boyfriend, Billy Nash who gets her into all kinds of trouble that she doesn’t remember. Gabby and Billy later go to an party where she drinks and is later found unconscious with the keys to Billy Nash’s blue Beemer. Gabby is latter emitted to the hospital in means to figure out what happened to her. As the novel progresses, you see all the people around her acting unsophisticated to different aspects of the book. One lesson the story suggest is that people often times act irrationally to their salient fact, to their “impossible fact.” Since the very beginning of the story, the theme that people often times act irrational to their salient fact is present. This is first presented in the scene where Gabby and her Mother Vivian, have a conversation after…show more content…
This theme is shown a multitude of times throughout this book through literary devices and crucial scenes such as the image scene. This can also connect to real things in real peoples lives. This theme applies to my life where seemingly traumatic events occurred. For example, when I was younger and there was an abrupt “family breakup” (so to speak) it was extremely hard for me, as a seven year old, where I started to act irrational. I shut myself down and didn’t allow anyone to try and comfort me. I became distant from everyone which led to one thing and another. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that people do act irrational when they come face to face with something that kills them inside so they take actions that don’t benefit them, this is seen in the book where: Gabby, Billy, John,Vivian and other characters all
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