Where Men Win Glory Book Report

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In the book Where Men Win Glory, our protagonist Pat Tillman starts his life as a NFL Player and changes his career into becoming part of the army. Pat Tillman was born in November 6, 1976 in Fremont, California and played for the Arizona State University as a linebacker. He graduate from school with a 3.85 GPA in a business degree. In 1998, he got drafted in the NFL as the 226th pick by the Arizona Cardinals. In May 2002, eight months after 9/11 he rejected a deal for $3.6 million contract and went into the Army with his brother. In 2002 they completed basic training and were assigned in Fort Lewis, Washington. He then got deployed in Afghanistan. On April 2004, he got killed in Afghanistan by his own crew killing him. The US Army then covered…show more content…
First time it happens is in the Jessica Lynch rescue and the book says, "Pat Tillman... continued firing at the Iraqis so that Lynch could make it into the helicopter even after he sustained multiple gunshot wounds and watch several other soldiers in his unit die around him when fighting March 23" (Krakauer 207). He fought the Iraqis so that Lynch could make it out of there. Pat put his life on the line to defend Lynch. This impacts Pat by him knowing that he saved someone 's life by putting his life on the line. The 2nd quote that supports that theme is, " Pat read the quote from the book during his helicopter ride to Iraq, “You could can earn a medal, body bag, or both. -Delta ”" (Krakauer 201). Delta Force is an army group that does rescue and hostage missions which Pat belong into. When you go into any armed forces group, you may live or you may not live. If you go through the war and you live, you will get a medal for your services. If you die in the war you will get a body bag for your body and your service. If you live and the die you then get both of them. This impacts Pat by him realizing that if lives or dies through his time in the army, the army will greatly appreciate what service he has
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