Where The Mind Is Without Fear Analysis

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SEMINAR PAPER On ANALYSIS OF THE POEM WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR- BY RABINDRA NATH TAGORE “INDIAN ENGLISH POETRY” B.A. English (Hons.) Submitted By: Submitted to: Aishwarya Pushkar Dr. Rajnish Mishra A0706115008 Amity Institute of English Studies and Research AMITY UNIVERSITY UTTAR PRADESH "Where the mind is without fear" is a pre-independence poem, where the poet earnestly prays to God to awake his countrymen (Indians) to the realization that they need to live in a free and united country. He wants his countrymen to enjoy being citizens of a free nation, where they can lead their…show more content…
The poem has always had a global appeal and is relevant even today. The same yearning continues. The yearning for a world where there would be freedom of the spirit, dignity ,where people would not cower in fear of subjugation. “Where the Mind is without Fear” is one of the best- known poems of Tagore. That is because its message can easily stand the test of time. Of course it was inspirational to be the freedom fighters of India at the time in which it was written. However, it has continued to move readers for a century since then. The way in which it defines freedom is radical – not just freedom from the rule of another race, but freedom of the mind. That is the kind of freedom that everyman craves, even one who is living in a supposedly free state. That is why its subject matter is relatable to all readers, and it inspires them greatly as
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