Where The Red Corn Grows Analysis

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Where the Red Fern Grows was written by Wilson Rawls. It was about a boy and his family. Billy wanted dogs, so he had to save up money to get them. He finally saved up the right amount of money to get them. They went hunting together a lot. Until someone died while he was hunting so he stopped. Unit a tournament came up and he entered it and won a golden cup and money. That money that he won they were able to moved to town and go to school ,but before they moved something tragic happened. Little Ann and Old Dan (those are the dogs) died.

To begin, in the novel he has three sisters ,and he has two dogs one is brown and one is white, brown, and black. When he had to leave the big tree to go get something to eat. His grandfather and him built a scarecrow to keep the coon in the tree. Billy won the tournament , money, and a silver cup (Little Ann is the one who won the silver cup). Billy promised the littlest sister the gold cup. When the grandfather got hurt during the hunting trip a branch came down and hit him. When the dogs died Old Dan lived a little until he died. When both of them died they were buried on top of a little old hill where they could hear the coon dogs howl. The novel was sad, but good.

Also, in the film he has two sisters and both dogs are brown. When Billy's grandfather got
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Similarities are that he won the tournament. But in the book he won the golden cup fair and square. In the movie however a sweet man gave the golden cup to Billy. In the novel the grandfather got hit by a branch and that is how he got hurt, but in the film he fell down a hill and got hurt. For Billy to keep the coon up in the tree while he went home and got something to eat ,he built a scarecrow to keep it up there. However, in the movie he never went home and got something to eat or never built a scarecrow he stayed there the whole time. Those are just a few similarities and
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