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Many children have a favorite book that they have read repetitively from their childhood. Several people can learn plenty of lessons from these books. Specifically, the teenagers might not realize that many of these books have an important lesson that can be applied to their senior year of high school as they move on from school and grow up as an adult. There are thousands of children that have read the book, Where the Wild Things Are, but most of them do not realize that this book teaches many essential lessons that can be applied to their lives. The book educates the readers on lessons of isolation, growth, and appreciation. In the book. Where the Wild Things Are, one of the important themes it teaches its readers to be more appreciative of everything, which could be related to high school students in their last year before graduating and…show more content…
Max was sent to his room without supper for wreaking havoc. When he returned from to his bedroom from the land of the “Wild Things” he finds a hot supper waiting for him. This highlights the theme that Max should be more appreciative of what his mother did for him. I find that many seniors in high school can learn from this book to be more thankful for everything they have in their lives. High school seniors should appreciate and enjoy their time at the high school. One of the things seniors should be grateful for is the fewer responsibilities. They do not have to worry too much about responsibilities. In college, the professors are not usually held accountable for the students so that is more responsibility on the students. The process they take attendance, assign work, and teach are completely different because the students are the one who is responsible for their education. Another thing that seniors should cherish is the free time they have compared to

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