Where To Invade Next Analysis

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“Where to Invade next” is a social documentary movie. In this movie, Moore first visited an island prison in Norway, this prison just like a resort with only four guards for a prison population of 114, the prisoner could go fishing and sunbathing. That was totally amazed me for sure when I got this information, but on the following act, the warden explained that:“ I don’t understand why you think this is a strange idea. … The main idea is just to take away their freedom. That’s the only punishment we are giving them, We are trying to help them back to society.” those words sounds are not very reasonable to me, although it sounds like a humane idea, because no one could guarantee that those criminal not escape from the prison, but that fact is, it works very well and that encourages me to think deeper about it. Does the prison really deprive the freedom of
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