Where Triples Go To Die Analysis

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Where Triples Go To Die, by Phil Hutcheon, is a novel full of sports, race, romance, sex, and scandal. This novel will have people at the edge of their seats, wanting to read more. Throughout the novel readers are able to experience many real life situations. Readers are able to connect their own lives to the characters. I felt a connection to the characters as if I was experiencing what the characters were going through in the novel. The characters make this an interesting journey that will have readers wanting to read more.

This novel tangles the lives of two men from different racial and social backgrounds who are in different directions of their lives. Juke Jackson and Malcolm Wade create a bond and help each other through their struggles. They both are facing relationship struggles back at home. Wade was always there for Juke when he needed him. Wade is the loving and caring character throughout the novel. He shows passion for those around him. Wade shows his loving character throughout the book.

Throughout the novel readers can witness scandal and betrayal. Some characters are betrayed by those whom they thought they can trust. Julius
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Angela is one of my favorite characters in this novel. She comes off as a sophisticated and smart woman to me. Angela having made a sex tape in her young age is hard to believe. Angela does not come off as a carefree type of person or someone who would let loose. “I don’t, and he probably does, scum that he is - but I doubt that the other girls are deans” (150). I do like how Wade always has her back, “I could get on the phone and threaten to fly back there and kick his ass” (150) there is something beautiful about their dysfunctional relationship. I love how Wade gushes over her even though I feel like he is smarter than her but he leads not to be. I realized he was a hopeless romantic “Why don’t you write a love story instead” Angelia said. He looked up from his screen in surprise, “You mean like... Our
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