Where Were Jesus Going (Mark 11)?

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Where were Jesus going (Mark 11)?
Jesus were on His way to to Jerusalem after healing a blind man, Bartimaues in Jericho. When he arrived in Jerusalem, the chief priest, the teachers of the law and the elders questioned His authority again, and since they were unwilling to answer His question about the origin of John's baptism, He refused to answer their question about His authority. Then He told them these two parables.
The Parable of the Two Sons (Matt 21:28-32, Luke 20:9-19) followed by
The Parable of the Tenants
12:1- 5 Setting : The description of the a vineyard owner who sent his servants to his tenants to collect some fruits during the harvest time from his own
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Motivated to consider seizing Jesus, they feared the public’s reaction.
Who is Jesus speaking to?
Jesus is teaching to people in the temple when the chief priests, scribes and elders approach and challenge Him (Mark 11:27-33). The Parable of the Tenants is Jesus’ second consecutive parable directed at the Jewish religious leaders, which they understood and were quite angry. However, the parable could well be directed at other Jews who shared the same views as their religious leaders.
What is the purpose of the parable? What is the purpose of reference to the Old Testament?
Jesus sought to provoke a response from his audience, the religious leaders. He certainly captured their attention and provoked them up, and now it was time for them to decide and act. In recalling Psalm 118:22-23, not only does Jesus claim to be the Messiah, but He is the rejected Cornerstone of the kingdom of God who will be vindicated and exalted. This is a prophecy: God’s response to Israel’s rejection of His Son will be Israel’s removal of their caretaking of the kingdom of God. The kingdom will be "given to a people who will produce its fruit."

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